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Cristiano Ronaldo – Football's first mask changing 变脸 warrior


29 September 2021

29 September 2021

For our launch commercial, zujuGP decided on a creative direction to communicate a replica of what is possible as football faces its most disruptive transitions yet. 

Simply - Technology.

At a time when new ideas jostle with the old and as football tries to keep stride or stay afloat, one thing is clear – change is nigh. Shifting audiences. Consumption gaps. Digitisation. Failed breakaways. These make up neat snapshots of what is surely the changing faces of football. 

Having the world’s most influential footballer pay tribute to where the earliest form of football was played thousands of years ago, Cristiano Ronaldo attempts the Chinese art form of bian lian (变脸), his successive mask changes are a literal and metaphoric reminder of the changing faces of football. 

Then finally a measured transition, towards a future where everyone can come together. Where we galvanise communities onto a single platform as a global football umbrella.

Welcome to zujuGP. We can’t wait to create new exciting opportunities and experiences with you!

Join us in writing the future of football

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