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Cristiano Ronaldo meets 7 lucky fans in an exclusive online meet-and-greet


20 September 2022

20 September 2022

We hosted an unforgettable day for seven lucky fans earlier this year when they got to meet living legend Cristiano Ronaldo in an exclusive online meet-and-greet with the Portuguese maestro.

Hailing from countries as diverse as China, Costa Rica, Iran and Vietnam, the zujuGP Kungfu Dash winners were able to pepper the Manchester United forward with a variety of questions about his life and career.

Cristiano was very gracious with his time, happily doling out advice on occasion and answering every question from our ecstatic participants.

Sneak peek

Here's quick look at what went down that day.

HubSpot Video


Can't get enough?

Here's more of what Cristiano Ronaldo had to say.

HubSpot Video


Watch the whole series 

Drop by our social media channels to watch as Cristiano Ronaldo answers all questions from our lucky fans.

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