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The zujuGP mission: combining media, tech and football


7 February 2022

7 February 2022

It’s now more convenient than ever to stay updated with the latest about the football industry regardless of where you are in the world. But juggling between accounts, web pages, chat groups, and forums can hamper user experience and engagement. The increasing need for a unifying platform where everything the football community needs is easily accessible can be found in zujuGP.

In this article, you’ll discover the current state of social media and its effect on sports, how Web 3.0 can improve user interaction, and what zujuGP aims to achieve by combining other media, tech, and football.

Current state of sports in social media

Social media continues to play a huge role in the lives of sports fans worldwide, and that includes the football community. The reach and engagement brought by social media platforms helped skyrocket the popularity of sports.

Back then, fans depended heavily on paid TV channels and newspapers to get news and updates on their favorite teams, players, and games. There were limited options to get real-time information on top-players like Cristiano Ronaldo. It was expensive to watch live matches of teams like Manchester United. Generally, these constraints made football and other sports inaccessible to many fans worldwide.

Now, the rising sports fandom in social media channels has opened the opportunity for greater football fan engagement. Fans can constantly be in the loop on the latest information, making them feel closer to the player and the game than ever before.


Social media opened up options for fans and players to choose how they want to interact with each other. Currently, Twitter and Facebook are the most popular platforms for football fans worldwide. The availability of these platforms has given both parties the freedom to embrace whichever makes them more comfortable in communicating with the other.

Internet forums and polls enable a more engaging football virtual community since these channels give fans the privilege to share their unfiltered opinions. They can take part in discussions that help them get to know more about the popular sport. It’s like joining sports clubs where interpersonal relationships can be made, plus the added advantage of being able to get in touch with both local and international fans.

The football online community has given fans the chance to express their opinions on a player or team’s performance. Interactivity among fans is now at an all-time high, creating a vibrant virtual atmosphere that can help people associate more with their favored teams.

Social media has allowed fans all over the world to stay connected with their chosen premier league football team despite the distance from the actual league and the majority of the fans. Media now gives sports fans a 24/7 medium and opportunities for discussion and communication with their favorite athlete.

Through live streaming events, fans get the rare opportunity to see the life of a professional football player. Players who constantly communicate and engage fans create a stronger personal connection even when the interaction happens only online.

The rise of Web 3.0 and its impact on sports


Web 1.0 statically presented data with little to no interactivity with the presented content. Information was text-heavy and users played a passive role in the digital ecosystem.

The internet evolved into Web 2.0 wherein users produce the content that other users consume. Social media proliferated, search engines became more advanced, and information came pouring from every corner of the world. Interaction between users became easier and more democratised.

What Web 3.0 will actually consist of is still fuzzy, but for many, this is the era of the internet wherein decentralization will take place. Gone will be the days when ownership of media and entertainment is in the hands of a few companies.

A new age of the internet is being established through cryptocurrencies, blockchains, non-fungible tokens (NFTs), virtual reality platforms, and similar technologies. There’s also the buzz about the proliferation of the metaverse that can mesh together real-world and online communities.

Web 3.0 services and applications are expected to summarize enormous amounts of knowledge and actions to create personalized content for every user. Aside from curated content, users have more innovative activities to participate in. People are now exploring the possibility of purchasing ownership stakes in leagues and teams through DAOs (decentralised autonomous organizations).

Sports fans are expected to have more power and control over the content they consume. To do this, ZujuGP has created a platform that will allow for a seamless interface among content, news, gaming, social, and monetising.

zujuGP - your next-level football online experience


The future of football will be mostly social, collaborative, and defined by immersive experiences online. This is why zujuGP focuses on leveraging the potential of Web 3.0 to enhance football fan engagement.

We believe in the following ideas that pushed us to develop a much-needed platform by the online football community:

  • The AI revolution is here

Web 3.0 is here and it’s just waiting for us to mold it how we want it to be in our service. We’re planning to leverage blockchain technology to introduce a new football fan engagement strategy and improve user experience.

zujuGP's architecture is designed to allow immediacy of creation, sharing of and collaboration on content, next-level football fan experience, and interactive playing and streaming with the community.

  • Football will change seismically

Technological evolutions show that it’s possible to improve interoperability, immersion, access, and accountability simultaneously, and that's exactly what we plan to do. All football fans and professionals will be empowered by zujuGP to be both users and creators. Aside from invigorating collaboration and communication, we aim to make our football community an outlet for those who seek creative interest and commercial success.

  • Football 3.0 is the Asian Era

The interest in football in the Asian region is growing and we’re tapping into that market to make the football virtual community more accessible, vibrant, and diverse.

We’re building a community platform that bridges fans from the East and West. Our aim is not to solely be an interactive communication platform but also to be the leading exchange between businesses and ecosystems. It is a powerful and simple idea, but we believe that with the right technology, everyone who loves football can come together to interact in diverse ways.

  • Connecting billions of people around the world

Loyal fans of the sport can grow, play, and create together when using the zujuGP platform. zujuGP is not just another social media platform or news outlet. It’s a platform where you can find interactive content curated for you to enjoy. The platform also enables you to connect globally and profit from your love for the sport.

  • A unified platform where tech, media, and football intersect

zujuGP will be the single platform that will house all components of the football ecosystem and function as a whole to provide a seamless experience to everyone.

Whether you’re looking for opportunities to upskill, gain employment, watch a game, or just want to shop, play, and interact, zujuGP will have all the features needed for an immersive football fan experience. You won't need another app, travel to a stadium, or find new ways to access the latest football updates. Everything you need will be found on the zujuGP platform.

Our aim is for zujuGP to achieve these five main points. We believe that zujuGP will be writing the future of football and will be pioneering a new era of football online experience. We want football engagement to spread throughout the world while making the experience seamless, personalized, and immersive.

Join us in writing the future of football

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