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Android Platform Lead

Singapore - ZujuGamePlay

General Information

A trend setter, keen on shaping a team from the ground up and driving Android development with industry leading standards.

The ideal candidate will work closely with other platform leads alongside the Product Manager and Head of Engineering.

Although we do not emphasize the number of years of experience, you will have to show that you have the maturity and seniority for the opportunity.


Main Responsibilities

Being the technical lead and the first hire of our Android product team, you will be maintaining and improving key areas of our Android app as well as designing, adding, and testing new features.

Apart from day-to-day development, other technical responsibilities are:

  • Perform profiling to find bottlenecks and optimize performance, and ensure that performance metrics are set up and monitored for app health.
  • Collaborate with platform leads and the product team to constantly improve customer experience within the app platform.
  • Experience deployment strategies and beta testing.
  • Supporting the team in aligning best practices and technical standards
  • Influence technical decisions and designs
  • Communicating team progress, documenting technical decisions and communicating them to your peers and technical leadership.
  • Working on process improvements.



  • Expertise in Android development
  • Experience with implementing architecture and design patterns, such as MVVM, MVC, etc.
  • Expertise with application lifecycle management and monitoring for Android
  • Expertise in and appreciation of automated testing, e.g. unit testing
  • Proven experience in leading a cross functional team, i.e. Agile processes, delivery processes, and metrics, cross team alignment, etc.
  • Excellent communication skills with the ability to adjust your style based on the audience


What You Can Expect

You will also be actively engaged in scaling our Android team. This role will be very hands-on in the beginning with an opportunity to grow your management skills further once the team is grown. This role must be based in Singapore.


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