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Growth Marketing Manager

Singapore - zujuDIGITAL

General Information

Our Growth Marketing Manager will sit at the forefront of creating, executing, and managing our digital marketing campaigns using a lean startup and growth hacking approach and methodology.

What this means is that apart from the functional responsibilities (of identifying channels, media buying, managing media spend, etc.), your passion and focus will be spent on the simple, but underrated, question of WHY a campaign is performing well or badly.

You hate to be in the dark. You want to be able to experiment and test, and to measure and learn about how we can speak in more familiar tones and communicate a more relevant message to our audience.

Ultimately, you believe that you can create value by enabling the business to create more informed and efficient campaigns because of your pivotal contributions to our intelligence and understanding of our target audience and users.


Main Responsibilities

    • Create, execute, and manage digital marketing campaigns including paid media.
    • Identification and setup of marketing channels.
    • Integration of campaigns metrics with marketing automation and analytics tools such as HubSpot.
    • Analyse performance metrics and user data to identify opportunities to optimize
    • Provide informed analysis and reports to the growth team.
    • Create test plans (A/B testing) across targeting, creative assets, advertisement copy,
      landing pages, emails, on-product, etc.
    • Launch, develop, and track the implementation of campaign optimizations with the growth team to increase performance across the full marketing funnel.
    • Manage campaign budgets across all digital channels to drive strong return on investment and efficient customer acquisition costs.


Bonus points

    • Avid fan of football – you love the sport that is football, and you want to build a better fan experience for yourself.
    • Experience in the India market.

Minimum Qualifications

    • 4+ years of related work experience in a high-growth, business-to-customer, environment.
    • Experience in creating and managing digital marketing campaigns and media buying.
      Proficient in marketing automation and user analytics tools such as HubSpot and Mixpanel.
    • A fervour for optimizing acquisition performance metrics through retargeting, remarketing, and A/B testing.


Preferred Qualifications

    • A strong sense of ownership and belief in a lean startup and growth hacking process.
    • Ability to work independently in a team focused on high tempo measurements and


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