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Welcome to the zujuGP footballverse

Welcome to the zujuGP Footballverse!

Not unlike the internet, we create connections in a collective digital space shared by everyone. We are all about creating new experiences and opportunities so you can communicate, create, game and profit from your love of football. The greater the utility of our networks, the more we can do when connected!

No surprise then that we are launching super cool projects to port football online. zujuGP's projects will be built around an ecosystem of community driven technology, decentralised and anchored around innovative blockchain tech. This will be deployable universally across other industry.



We cannot wait to share with you zujuGamePlay - our flagship product centred on digitising the LIVE game experience. zujuGamePlay is an interactive, real-time screening venue and virtual stadium where you can participate as a fan, pundit, bidder or event creator. Host your personal Owner's Box or join the brands you love for exclusive drops and content. The live game just got a lot less boring!


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Join us in writing the future of football