Kick forward with the team that's reshaping football's digital frontier. Simply put, we're merging on-pitch excitement with innovative gamification. Join us in sculpting the next chapter of football for the digital generation.



Make a real impact, surrounded by a team as passionate and dynamic as the game of football itself.

We have over 55 team members spread across 4 countries, and counting! AT KICKOFF BY ZUJU: TALENT RULES THE GAME. Join a team where merit defines your position, not just on the pitch but in every role.


From revolutionizing game engagement to introducing innovative gamification, our work is more than just a game. Here, you’ll be part of an ambitious drive, pushing boundaries and enhancing the way millions connect with football. Experience the thrill of transforming the football landscape, and take pride in setting a new standard for football’s digital age.



At Kickoff by Zuju, we’re not just playing the game – we’re redefining it for an entire generation. We recognize that groundbreaking changes come from relentless passion and unparalleled skill, so we’re all about bringing aboard the best talent and fostering a culture where merit takes centre stage. From developing innovative football gamification techniques to collaborating with the brightest minds in the industry, every member of our team is instrumental in shaping the future of digital football consumption. Dive in with Zuju, where your contribution isn’t just acknowledged – it’s celebrated in every goal we achieve.



At Kickoff by Zuju, our core beliefs aren’t just guidelines – they’re the very playbook we live by. In every strategy we craft and every goal we pursue, our values remain our true north. Join a team where principles aren’t just words, but the very essence of our game.

Integrity – Judge actions by their merits. Make choices that are not only fair but also align with Kickoff by Zuju’s vision.

Open Communication – Champion transparency. Offer feedback with respect and commend achievements wholeheartedly.

Growth through Impact – Push boundaries. Embrace continuous learning, growth, and elevation in every play.

Ownership – Be the solution seeker. Act swiftly, adapt, and take ownership like you’re the captain on the field.

Decision Making – Analyze with a keen eye. Prioritize data and facts over instincts, ensuring every move is calculated and precise.


Be Our Star Player

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Passionate Minds Driving the Next Wave of Football Innovation

Kickoff by Zuju was established in 2022 by football enthusiasts and tech visionaries, Mervyn Lau, Matthews Chang, Benedict Goh and Warren Goh. Our mission: to revolutionize the way fans engage with football through innovative gamification. We are a collective of passionate minds from varied sectors, united by our love for the game.